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First of all, thank you for finding my website wether it be by fate or intervention -- I am so happy you are here and want to know more about Mariel O. Photo; how I operate, and just about my awesomeness in general. When it comes to things you need to know about working with me head over to 'What to Expect' page, but I am sure you clicked on this page to find out who I am and about my life.

Middletown, Connecticut is where I call home where I live with my supportive husband and three fur children. At any given opportunity, I am in my sweatpants, constructing the perfect GIF response to texts, watching HGTV and loving up on my animals (in that high-pitched fur mom voice). I believe that a perfectly timed Beatles song can cure your mood and prefer the windows down and being barefoot!

All smiles,


Something fun for you know

I have some form of chocolate everyday

My middle name means ‘beloved child’ in Hawaiian

I've been married for 5 years in the fall to my best friend. Believe it or not I proclaimed at a young age I would marry a Michael & its came true

I am an autumn child 100% and live for this season of chill, pumpkin spice, football & hoodies/sweater weather