Aspen & Mike | Family

September 6, 2021

Can you stand this perfect family?! I know you have seen Aspen and Michael in my Instagram feed and all over my portfolio! It's because they are my very first #MOPcouple and I really only do family photos for them. Other past clients I would as well but Aspen always calls me first! I feel like we've been planning this session since forever. A few reschedules because it always seemed to rain and cancel it out and this day was no different. Driving to Harkness it was pouring and thundering but she assured me that it was sunny there. Boy was it & MUGGY! My god the weather which I just don't do well in.

Seeing the kiddos just run and play is what I love for family sessions. Family photography is just a time to be together and enjoy the day. I also love to grab just 'mom & dad' portraits and it's obvious with these two that they are still in love as they were on their wedding day. I need to do a content day and have them model for me it would be a dream!

Tristian this is my favorite child portrait I've taken! So handsome!
Dominic and Alex have grown so much

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