Courtney & Matt | Cotton Hollow

May 6, 2021

It is such an honor when Courtney asked me to be HER wedding photographer. She is amazingly talented herself and I'm sure she looks familiar since she associate shoots with me often. I've heard many stories about Matt over the years so meeting him was such a joy! I could see how perfect they are together and that makes me so happy.

This location Cotton Hollow Preserve in South Glastonbury was so cool. It wasn't a massive hike to get to these rocks or the waterfall which was appreciated because this wedding photog is out of shape (especially after more than a year of quarantine). This place was special to my couple and that is something I always encourage for my sessions - going somewhere that is part of your relationship. Weather it be your first date spot, favorite activity or in this case where they expressed their love for one another for the first time.

The light was just about perfect and I had to get my feet wet to get the right angle for certain shot! It was chill but I love doing anything I have to if it means something epic! This shoot was just super relaxed and Courtney and Matt are so easy going. Teaching my grooms "the nuzzle" ialways works out fantastic! It is one of my favorite poses. They are having a backyard shindig in June at their home they jut purchased with their dog, Marcy and cat, Fauci and all the love of family and friends. I can't wait!

Enjoy these photos!

Smiles, Mariel

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