End of Year Review Weddings | 2019

January 8, 2020

Wedding are what really drives Mariel O. Photo! Don't get me wrong I do fill in my year with family and other projects but these images have my heart. Looking back at my favorites of course bring me back to each day and how special and unique each wedding is. A friend of mine always asks if I get sick of weddings, and truth is I don't. There is such excitement all around and to be honest that energy is contagious. For the families it's their first big family event or even their last of their children to get married or better yet the celebration of finally finding the right person and joining their previous lives together as one.

This year brought me some firsts like Todd & Mary, whose wedding was on a mountain top that you had to take a chair lift to get to. The emotion during the daddy/daughter first look really takes lead as sweetest moment.

Sam and Chris' ceremony touched me seeing their children standing by their side. The wedding party also was a fun and able group letting me try a new "attack the couple" pose. Looking back at this day I almost forgot Sam had broken her foot 2 weeks before and her girls had this bedazzled boot made for her. It didn't stop the party whatsoever!

The sense of community and seeing love overcome a language barrier between Cindy & Bernardo as well as a Brazilian wedding tradition of cutting the grooms tie for luck. Tiana and Matt's day was unconventional from the cake to first dance -- they wanted to do things their way. AnnMarie and Larry had beautiful weather and light and without a doubt easy going and fun to work with!

I spent a lot of time working on 'night shots' and I am pretty proud that my couples love them so much. It's just one last private moment at the end of the day to just take time & reflect. I wish all my 2019 #marielobrides and #marielogrooms the brightest start to their marriages and what 2020 will bring.

All smiles,


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