The Top 4 Benefits of a First Look

February 19, 2020

For the past few years there has been this trend of couples seeing each other prior to the "walking down the aisle" called first looks. In my consultations I get asked often about whether its a good idea and logistics as far as timeline goes. Here's the thing, I have photographed first looks. I have photographed days that were more traditional with "walking down the aisle", and I always tell my couples, you have to decide what you want. I actually find that my brides want this and the groom does not. Some couples are anxious about everyone staring at them at the alter and the pressure a groom feels to cry at the sight of his bride.

Come to find out the groom not seeing his bride before the ceremony tradition is not as romantic as you might think-- When there were a lot of arranged marriages back in the day, it was customary to not look at your betrothed before the ceremony in case she was not up to beauty standards. If you lifted up the veil and didn't like what you saw well too bad buddy. I mean how not romantic right?!

First looks give you a chance to get any jitters out. You are marrying your favorite person why wouldn't you want to spend more time on your wedding day together more than not.

1. Its only you two (& me) of course | Some choose to have a bridesmaid just to do the extra dress poof or carry a bouquet but it's an intimate time together.
2. No pressure | No one is staring at you but your beloved. You can joke around, laugh & smooch!
3. More portrait time | Some timelines can be tight so once you both have seen each other, I can then bring in your wedding party and family and take all the traditional shots up front.
4. More cocktail hour time | Post-ceremony I usually take another 15-30 minutes of any more family shots and newlywed portraits then you can join your guests.

There aren't any Cons as I'm concerned & you can always twist the first look differently. Surprise your dad/father figure seeing you all done up or your bridesmaids! These images are some of my favorite parts of the wedding day.

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