I Am Not Toxic | What Does It Mean?

April 8, 2020

I mean that should be understood without saying but let me be crystal clear. What I mean is that I live (as best I can) to be toxic free. Some people are curious about this somewhat new trend. For me, I found out about it via Instagram through a local photographer I follow who made this lifestyle change. Then my mother coincidentally gave me a diffuser for Christmas one year with some oils.

I started doing some research because Michael and I were looking to start a family. I soon realized how many chemicals are in everyday things from household cleaning products, perfumes and especially make up. I use an app called Think Dirty which is super easy and let's you scan products right in the store and gives in a toxicity level.

So changing everything I've used for years took some time. Piece by piece I replaced my soap, dish & laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and my shampoo/conditioner. I try to tell others to make the switch themselves. Especially with Covid virus going on these days, we can never be too careful in taking care of ourselves and our bodies. It's the only one we have! Here are some of my favorite products...

Thieves Cleaner : Use it on everything & the bottle never runs out because you only need a littler mixed with water
Native: Deodorant took the longest to find the right kind. I am not a big sweater but this manages odor very well.
Essential Oils by Young Living & DoTerra: Lavender helps me sleep and Lemon for cleaning. There are many other blends that are beneficial to you (I can definitely do a whole post on oils if you are interested)
Primarly Pure : I use this for most make up removal or green tea facial wipes

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I also use this in the Fig & Pear scent too! It smells amazing

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