I'm Enaged! What do I do now?

February 24, 2019

I read somewhere that most of engagements occur between Christmas and Valentine's so I felt this post was at the right time. So about the week after Valentine's Day a close friend of mine got engaged! She sent me a photo of her hand and I was overjoyed but through a quick call I could tell she was immediately overwhelmed. There's photographers, guest lists, color scheme, registries and venue selections. Even knowing the wedding industry herself, being a photographer she has seen a lot of weddings. Being a former bride and her friend I tried to give the best advice I could --- The first being:

  1. Enjoy this time! You've now got a this rock on your left hand after saying yes to your partner. The person you love most and duh! want to spend the rest of your life with. You make phone calls to your family, friends co-workers. You really want to shout it from the rooftops (take that ring selfie). Take a week or even months to bask in the feeling. Treat yourself to something to celebrate like a dinner out with your fiance or getting your nails done.
  2. Your ring! did your fiance misjudge the sizing? Too big, a little snug? No one wants to take it off once you just get it but resizing is something you need to do. And based on the price tag you might want to consider getting it insured.
  3. When? Look ahead. Grab the calendar and think of a season and possible dates. Are you a holiday bride or even a weekday bride. Venues get book up fast and family members maybe aren't free to come.
  4. Budget! Sit down together.If your vision is ballroom, brewery, park or courthouse -- it all comes down to a price tag. It's not fun but you need to set an expectation and guidelines. Create a spreadsheet with different categories like flowers, decor, food and research costs of each. There are a lot of articles out there about who pays for what out so ask your families what they are willing to contribute.
  5. Pinterest is your best friend! There are so many ideas out there. Create that vision board (as if you haven't already) and starting pinning ideas. It will help to create your vision and make it clear when it comes out this way. Take some online quizzes to narrow down a style if you become overwhelmed.

What is most important is to figure out what important to you two and no one else. At the end of the day it is about your celebration of your love. You want an happy and joyful marriage with your forever person. Hope this helps you brides-to-be. Now look at some of these stunner rings I've captured.

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