Long Live Small Business

May 20, 2020

Not going to lie the wedding industry has been affected hardcore by this virus. Weddings are all about your favorite people gathered together and celebrating! There are laughs and lots of hugs between guests therefore the whole 6 feet apart rule is super hard to enforce. Here in Connecticut we are starting to get back to "normal" but this is going to take some time. There are phases of reopening and precautions are still going to be in place (like face masks) but today is the day I can try to reschedule some projects that were on the back burner. I know a lot of my fellow friend-ors are excited about this as well!!!

This phrase "Long Live Small Business" is by the amazing Natalie Franke, an industry educator and former photographer. She's the leader of Rising Tide Society which is a kick ass group of entrepreneurs that lift one another up through "community over competition." I love her mission and of course during this time to crisis she is helping others by selling this phrase on t-shirts and mugs with proceeds going to small businesses that are struggling. You can learn more about Natalie here: https://shopnataliefranke.com/

I know that we will all survive this time whether you are a small business or not but be sure to keep purchasing those gift cards, schedule photo sessions with family, and enjoy simple pleasures with friends.

                                                                            THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING SMALL BUSINESSES

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