Mariel Monthly | October

November 1, 2020

Autumn is in full swing and this month has been packed with weddings and sessions. I have kept working from home and quarantining as best a possible but towards the end of the month was getting itchy. We made it over a big hump in our IVF journey and was looking to dip my toes back into socializing. My niece Ava turned 11 on the 23rd and I really can't believe it! I was in the delivery room that day and time just vanished like that. We also celebrated our anniversary and a friend's birthday. I loved spending time walking around the neighborhood on crisp afternoons - I live for fall in New England, there is nothing like it!

Kasey needed a cone of shame because of the nail clipper bloodbath of 2020. Mike tried to give it a go in trimming but to no avail. Poor baby had to get her foot packed with flour and it got everywhere to say the least. I also got to see my coworker family for some fall apple picking. Since working from home all I see are their Zoom faces and it was so encouraging to have such supportive people in my life.

6 years together
Anniversary meals were fantastic
Happy birthday Scott and Ava

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This blog is a small representation of my most current sessions, my clients love stories and all the adventures I am privilaged to go on! Ways to my heart include coffee, feeding me before I am "hangry" and anything shabby chic/rustic. My vintage camera collection grows everday and I am usually smiling and quoting random movies. Most importantly Mariel O. Photo celebrates love in all forms regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation & gender identity.

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