Veteran Memorial Clubhouse | The Boyles

January 24, 2020

                                                                                                                 Veterans Memorial Clubhouse | Golden Sunflower Fall Wedding
                                                                                                                        East Hartford, Connecticut

This day at Veterans Memorial Clubhouse with AnneMarie and Larry had my favorite details and lighting of the year! I arrived at the salon where the bride was getting the finishing touches on her hair and make-up. I got to meet her mother and maid of honor and enjoyed some hot cider and breakfast items with my videographer friend, Cassidy. It was a relaxing start which is just as I expected from this couple.

We then headed back to her parent's home to get ready which is 2 minute drive from the couple's home. I love the proximity of family and shows how special that relationship is. The beading and silhouette of AnnMarie's dress was stunning just like the fall colors of her bouquet. It all went together perfectly.

Believe it or not the venue was down the road but I took some wrong turns and ended up about 5 minutes in the wrong directions. I made it to the venue where Larry was waiting patiently to see his bride. Once I scoured the properly for the perfect first look location we found it under this perfect shaded tree with all the golden warm colors of late fall. The colors matched perfectly with AnnMarie's bouquet. The outdoor ceremony let me take advantage of a new perspective for the first kiss and I love outdoor location just for this reason. After the ceremony their officiant put on a T-Rex costume just for fun! This couple just went with the flow and we got some great portraits.

The party got started with a choreographed routine from the couple and that really wowed the guest and myself. The reception is where I see the families come together on the dance floor and have the best time and this party was a fun one!

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