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December 29, 2021

Well December here we are! The end of the year definitely came out of nowhere and this month brought us the addition of Aubrey - the best present of all! There has been an adjustment for us all (Sasha & Kasey too!) but it has been such a wild ride. We had many visitors this month from friends to family and the outpouring of love has been so special. Meals delivered and cooked for us, texts and messages also flooding in as well.

There has been plenty of struggle getting used to interrupted sleep and getting used to what she needs - learning her cues and cries but I literally can't believe we have a child. Most of you know our journey to parenthood hasn't been easy! She was born 11/29 and I plan to type up a birth story for you all if you care to read all about it.

I managed to visit my mom and bake cookies with her for our Christmas Eve celebration. Being able to see the extended family and meet my cousin's new baby was also a great event of this month. Having babies a few months apart has made our relationship closer as well which is so special. It was great to see what is up ahead for us.

The weather has been pretty good with some time to take some bundled up walks and there was even snow on Christmas Eve day that stayed around to make it a white Christmas. Looking forward to making traditions with our daughter year after year!

As I reflect not only on this month but 2021, I can't help to feel such gratitude. We are all still in the Covid pandemic and really hoping we can live a new normal very soon. All my family and friends have remained healthy and our livelihoods still prosperous (which is hard to say for so many). Here's to 2022 and continued blessings!

2 and 3 weeks old
My best Christmas present ever!
Meeting second cousin Annie

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