Hamonasset State Park | Heather & Mike

December 13, 2015

This session at Hammonasset State Park was special for many reasons. The first being the future bride is my oldest friend. Secondly, we picked a beach (love the beach during winter) where, as teens, we would go cruising there in her Neon blasting tunes.

Heather and Mike met in a simple and sweet way while working in Brooklyn as teachers. What I found out at this session is that they are complete goofballs together. They laugh a lot and I know they will have an amazing wedding day (& duh! marriage.)

The weather we've had in Connecticut this December has been particularly odd -- warm and sunny; no snow. The beach gave us great locations such as a bluff with rocks, a cozy footbridge and stalks of whey and benches.

Since I will take the other pleasure of being a kick butt bridesmaid and not their official photographer I am so happy to have had the chance to expand my portfolio. I also loved the quality friend time and being there to see the start of something great.

All smiles,

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