Kaylee & Zach | A Summer Rose Garden Engagement

June 1, 2024

Elizabeth Park Engagement Session
West Hartford, Connecticut

You have all seen the stunning Elizabeth Garden on my blog before and it never gets old. Kaylee and Zach wanted to take advantage of the beautiful blooms and arches of the main rose garden. When we arrived, man it was more packed then I have ever seen! The weather was on point so it was very much expected but so many proms and portraits going on I didn't know I would find them.

Kaylee and Zach showed up to impress and before I even clicked the first photo I knew it was going to be easy with their genuine smiles and laughs. I made sure to let them know regardless of all the people that we would make magic and they trusted me (music to my ears). Kaylee and Zach met in a traditional fashion at UCONN Law School. You all know my love for college campuses and once we were done with the roses we went over there for some portraits (a 6 min drive). It was so serene compared to the park! I didn't know it existed and now that I know I for sure want to go back.

As a former bride I know how stressful planning can be and I reminded these two that it is ultimately what they want. It is hard to juggle families, personalities and ideas but 'this too shall pass.' Being lawyers they are very used to getting their point across - luckily all the big vendors are secured and its down to the few details. We had such fun I can't wait to see them again in a few short months.

Take a look at some of my favorites and the light was chef's kiss!

All smiles,


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