Lighthouse Point Proposal Story

May 7, 2023

Truth be told I have never photographed a proposal before and have been wanting badly to add this to my experience as a wedding professional. What is better than being a part of a couples story right when forever is set to begin? Added bonus is feeling like a super secret spy on a mission for love?

I had a session coincidently that morning, and as I prepared to leave the house got a call from an unknown number. Yes, I for sure answer calls even though there was not a previous never know! As this guy started talking there were a few buzz words that let me know it was not spam - "Hi Mariel this is Ramiz..I'm proposing.. you were referred to me by.."

I was able to digest the plan rather quickly and my drive to Lighthouse Point in New Haven, which was about 40 minutes away (after that morning's engagement & working at my full time job)! I forget how cold it can be by the water and was very cold waiting for them. Ramiz was texting me his ETA after taking Saba out to dinner in the area because she had just graduated school that morning. What an exciting set of events all in one day! As they approached I acted super tourist just snapping away at the scenery." I had on my zoom lens so I could be far away and not intrude on their moment but knew all the sweet things he was saying. The big kneel down happened and I just went crazy photographing. I didn't want to miss anything!

Fun fact! Saba didn't have her nails done and caught so off guard - but her future groom planned ahead and took out some press-ons so we could take some close up. He thought of everything right?! Great job Ramiz!

Best wishes to you both for your futures!

Moral of this story...answer the unknown it may bring you quite the adventure.

I can't share any more because I respect my clients privacy and they asked me to only share the sneak preview I had for them from Instagram!

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