Mariel Monthly | April

April 29, 2020

Well this month we have been maintaining our social distancing and complying with CDC regulations. Unfortunately at the end of April we were supposed to be traveling to Cozumel, Mexico with friends. I was really looking forward to going since Micheal and I have never been. I am hanging onto hope that this will be over fairly soon. The weather has been kind of crazy with rains and wind but slowly it's turning into lovely springtime and it's been killing me not be with people and start filling up my calendar with sessions.

Easter was a welcomed celebration and I actually managed to put on some pretty pastels and make up and relaxed with Michael. I normally work on Sundays but this day off was lovely. I made pork chops, applesauce and mashed potatoes for dinner and we Zoom called my family. I remember as a child going to Stamford in matching dresses with my sister (ugh mid-1990s fashion) and being with my grandmother and cousins. Recent years we haven't been getting together but I think we need to start again sans the matching dresses. I also picked up some flowers to brighten my mood!

My car was actually stuck in the driveway most of the month because of my battery. However, a nice jump from triple-A got Cecilia going again unfortunately now my brakes feel and sound like a grinder. We do have an auto ship literally 30 seconds away I just need to get around to scheduling an appointment. Cars and maintenance of them is something that I hate spending money on. Even though I'm not going anywhere anytime soon it is a perfect time to get it fixed.

There also have been many Zoom calls with friends and family. I've never missed socializing so much! Keeping my creativity going I started practicing with some invitation suites and table decor set ups to remind me that wedding season will be back soon. I also got to shoot a friend's daughter's one year old cake smash. It felt nice to go to my favorite Elizabeth Park in West Hartford and capture those memories for their family.

Easter dinner: pork chips, mashed potatoes, mix veggies and apple sauce

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