Mariel Monthly | August

August 26, 2020

Mariel O Photo shooting on the beach

Just when we think 2020 is done with the crazy August comes along! The hottest month of the year doesn't ever sit well with my fall lovin' self but we made it through.

We start the month with Tropical storm Isaias and knocked out our power for 2.5 days! The damage was bad with outages across the state. Some friends of ours it took a full week to get back! The time in the dark allowed me to pull back and relax, start a book and as I look through some of these images a few Scrabble games. Mike and my mother are champs and it is so hard to beat them. They are masters of the double and triple score!

I finished last term of my certificate and am so happy to have some of my life back as far as no more deadlines and papers to write. Grades were released and I got another A! I finished all my classes with As and I just never thought I could do that. I believed for a long time that I wasn't an academic person and not smart. What a lie!

This month we got to start our IVF meds! We were on the wait list due to Corona so this is very exciting to finally get going with the process. I still keep meaning to write up a separate blog series about our infertility struggle I just need to sit down and do it for those interested. We also refinanced our house since rates are at an all time low (thanks pandemic)! We took a drive to the Naugatuck valley to a lawyer's office and got some sweet Dunkin' on the way home, since there were detours everywhere and it took well over an hour to get this errand done.

I didn't really have a theme for this month's headshot I just haven't had any motivation to take some so since I finally got to shoot shoot a full wedding day, my friend Courtney got tons of behind the scenes photos of me at the beach and shooting and I love them! Therefore that is this month's heashot!

Late summer evenings are my favorite and allowed us to maximize deck time and puppy hangs. They really love it outside!

                                                                       "So long sweet summer I fell into you and now you are gracefully falling away..."
                                                                                                                   Dashboard Confessional

Had a kitty visitor pretty sure he lives in the neighborhood
Scrabble days and nights
Finishing my last paper on the deck!

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