Mariel Monthly | July

July 29, 2020

How is it July my friends?! I can say that with all the curve balls 2020 has thrown I am pretty proud of this little blog and that I've been consistently showing up for you weekly! I also enjoy this monthly series so I have a great collection of the years memories. July means summer is in full force and the fourth of July weekend was a perfect one! The day was spent on a friend's boat where we lounged on floats, grilled and relaxed.

My sister got a new pool and although we gathered to enjoy it the weather had other plans. I feel that July was more of the same with working from home and rescheduling weddings. It's been way to hot to go outside so I have been soaking up all the A/C - Mike really likes blasting it, especially at night! I managed to make it out to take some of my favorite headshots to date and now I am obsessed looking for other bright walls for future months shoots. It's not easy setting the timer and running for the set up but I made it work. I also kept photographing my fur kids and the extra time with them is always special because they are my heart!

Going under the Arrigoni
The patio set FINALLY set up after months of waiting
Time for some head shots! This wall was KJ inspired for sure & now I am obsessed
Neighborhood walk around

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This blog is a small representation of my most current sessions, my clients love stories and all the adventures I am privilaged to go on! Ways to my heart include coffee, feeding me before I am "hangry" and anything shabby chic/rustic. My vintage camera collection grows everday and I am usually smiling and quoting random movies. Most importantly Mariel O. Photo celebrates love in all forms regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation & gender identity.

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