Mariel Monthly | June

July 1, 2020

This month officially starts summer in my opinion and a lot has been going on personally, professionally and the world at large. Kicking off the month was my friend's birthday on the first and then my sister's 40th birthday on the second!

We did some dog sitting for our favorite pit bull Maggie and it was good to have Mike take some vacation time in order to handle another addition. Sasha and Kasey remember their doggie buddy and it was lots of fun seeing them get along. Kinda miss her but I know once we can hang out with her owner again she'll come on back for a visit.

The dreaded patio set debacle from last month has followed us. After Home Depot messed up every part of our order we got a similar set from Ace Hardware. TBH I love the cushion chairs better than the HD set...anyway after Mike spent hours putting them together he moved to the table only to find out it was damaged in the shipping process. We are so over the process and have used our old table while we wait for a replacement.

I am in my second to last term at school still striving for another A but grades haven't been released just yet. I don't talk about it a ton but I do struggle with infertility and my journey (which would make an interesting blog series) keeps going with a procedure to map out everything in prep for IVF. I had to wait in my car then have my temperature taken before being the only person in the waiting room. I truly appreciate the precautions and when it comes time for transfer I'll be getting a Covid test. Man what a time right?!

I spent some time with coworkers grabbing ice cream at dairy in Newtown. It came with cows, rolling hills and great flavors too! I really missed seeing my friends but we will be back in the office before we know it.

This month also is my father's birthday on the 22nd and father's day. We wrapped up the month gathered together celebrating at my sister's new pool and deck. It has felt like forever since I've been with family and this time staying away has really sucked. It did downpour all afternoon but it was worth it!

Last year photo sesh but I still love a good ice cream cone
Puppy hangs with Maggie
I love seeing Sterling the Aussie
My niece is 10 and 5'31" and amazing bball player

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