Mariel Monthly | March

March 31, 2020

March has been absolutely wild and you know what I am going to talk about - COVID19 aka the Corona virus has really made an impact worldwide. Surprisingly only two of my weddings have been postponed but I am lucky it all worked out. I still remain as positive as ever and don't let too much bother me.

Personally at the beginning of the month things were going well.

  • I completed my first term of school and got an 94 in class and that makes me really proud! I was never a great student during my first college experience so getting this grade really boosted my confidence that I can complete this program no problem. The terms at Post run up against each other so there was no down time and jumped into another class. The program I am in will take about 10 months all together. When it's all said and done I am going to be very happy I did it.
  • We got to spend time for a friend's birthday at a delicious Italian restaurant that I can't wait to try again. A group of us ate and drank and had macaroons and souffles for dessert.
  • Michael and I finally got to have a double date with my sister and brother-in-law at New Mill Restaurant in Southington. This was our Christmas gift to each other and we are going to try to make it a tradition.
  • Once the quarantine really hit I was able to transition pretty quickly to working from home. I consider myself and Michael very lucky to have jobs that allow us to not have any disruption in our income. I moved from the living room (the Ethernet cable didn't reach in my office) but then got to use my stand up desk once we bought the wireless adapter.
  • St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays because I am Irish. My ancestors are from Clare County and my grandmother gave me some real emerald earnings which I love. My sister also gifted my a cute shamrock shirt which I wore proudly on my first day working from home.
  • A few things that I have been obsessed with this month has been listening to Maren Morris, Kelsey Musgraves and Miranda Lambert on repeat. I really do enjoy all music and sometimes a country mood is what you just need to feel good. As well as Black Cherry seltzer!! I can't get enough of this beverage.
  • Family celebrated my cousin Emily's birthday on the 27th. We did it virtually since the quarantine but it was just a pretty day. I took a walk in my neighborhood and thought about her and my blessings. She would be the most positive person throughout this ordeal and be the most knowledgeable too! She continues to be a light to all who knew her. There were memories shared and songs that we sang, along with Happy Birthday!
  • It wouldn't be March without a quick snow fall and then the next day being gorg!

This time at home also let me take some self-portraits. I think this will become a thing that way I always have a photo for #marielmonthly
What do you guys think!? Stay positive and safe!

All smiles, Mariel

We got to take some puppy walks enjoying the time at home around our neighborhood

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