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May 27, 2020

May is always a busy one personally. There are birthdays the warmer weather and lots of home projects (since we've been home quite often). As I reflect on this month I realize how lucky I am. Even though my first wedding was suppose to be on the 14th it means more to me that everyone is safe. To be honest I have spent time with a limited number of 5 friends and only those friends who have been working from home and following distancing. It feel like the apocalypse when I go to the grocery store and it just makes me realize that things aren't going to be the same. This virus could go through waves and could very well be alright this summer but get worse in the fall. We just need to remember to be kind and smiles with your eyes - make sure through your mask that you are a good person and that everyone is trying their best!

Mothers Day & Michael's birthday were on the same day so I took the time off from work. My plan was to have mimosas and muffins on my mother's back deck. We did do just that but I was overcome with emotion and had to hug her. She's a retired nurse of 40 years and so selfless. She still volunteers and sees a need she fulfills it. Even though she is at the at risk age of over 70 she is still out there. I appreciate and love her so very much everyday but it was amazing to see my family. We then headed to Michael's family and spent some time with them on their porch exchanging gifts and hanging out with lemonade and some cake!

We also got a random snow squall. I just couldn't believe how much this year is so wacky and not normal!

I gifted him a hammock for outside since we got rid of our old one at our old house. We anxiously were waiting for a brand new patio set as well (bought with our refunded plane tickets from our cancelled April Mexico trip). It is my goal this summer to spruce up the deck and spend all the time enjoying the weather. Hopefully we can have some friends over to enjoy from a distance but we shall see.

Memorial Day weather was mostly cloudy and not the best for grilling but we did manage to clean the grill and get some burgers and dogs from 5 Guys. There is nothing more American right?!

I also loved taking photos around my yard of all the blooms and taking a trip to Home Depot to get more! I hope you enjoy this month's content -- how are you holding up?!

Playing some chess outside with Beanie

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