Tips for Elopements

September 2, 2020

The best place to be is together is what they say! Since Covid came crashing into 2020 and put huge celebrations on hold tons of couples have shifted their focus. To be honest I am all about something small & spur of the moment. A few years back I did a lakeside ceremony for 7 and I was included along with 3 musicians! Let me tell you how special it is to have a few close people there to witness your vows (which is one of my favorite parts of a wedding day!) Here is some tips to help you plan your perfect intimate/elopement kind of day!

Picking a Location | Most people think of mountain tops with epic views but it can be anywhere! A park, the courthouse, lakeside or your backyard! That is the beauty of elopement styles. It can be up to you and your beloved!

Your Budget | Intimate weddings are a great way to cut out on a lot of the headache of expenses. One thing couples should always prioritize no matter what is photography! It is the lasting memories from your day.

Your Attire | Just because you are deciding to elope doesn't mean you just have to settle for something casual. A lot of couples pick dress pants and skinny ties and some opt for a full on bridal wedding gown. Whatever you chose be sure you are comfortable and yourself!

The Details | If you plan on exchanging rings, be sure to have them handy. There are so many pretty ring boxes available for you to store them! I'd check out Amazon or the ever popular The Mrs. Box! Some couples chose to just have a bouquet since the wedding party is null. It makes for amazing photos to have an extra pop!

Reception | Yes you still can have a party! Throwing the party gives people the most anxiety because there is so much to plan - including the dreaded seating charts. The best part of eloping is have an small intimate dinner with those closest to you. Get a dessert of your choosing and do your first dance under some string lights and you'll be sure to end the night just right!

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