Vow Writing Tips

June 24, 2020

Let's be honest one reason people go to weddings is to witness the joining of families at the ceremony and it is one of my favorite parts! The ceremony is the start of the marriage and hearing the words that are exchanged really gets me in the feels.

Some people have a talent and way with words being able to express their emotions in an eloquent way. Some people (like myself) can barely tell a simple anecdote with a punchline - it all just sounds jumbled. I am also very emotional and have a hard time talking about meaning and love without crying and that is why my husband and I just repeated shared words at the alter. In hindsight I believe I could've written something more powerful and poetic because I ended up getting teary anyway.

If you are an engaged couple looking to consider your own vows I have some tips for you:

1. Don't stress out - Take some time and put some ideas down. Take a moment here or there throughout your engagement or certain moments and jot it down.
2. Create an outline - It doesn't have to be a 10-page paper but take those jotted down moments and think how you want to express them
3. Keep it simple - Make it 1-2 minutes of something heartfelt
4. Write it down in a cute book - It's a fun keepsake and something you can pull out on those stressful married days. Just a reminder of your promises.

Some things you might want to include would be saying 'I love you' share a personal story, don't promise perfection with words like 'always and never' (marriage isn't going to be perfect or easy), it's ok to be cheesy and sentimental but most importantly just speak from the heart!!

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